Main Event

Lowe Out on the Flop!

Justin Lowe

At the hijack spot, George Chehadeh raised 1000 in an attempt to steal the pot. The small blind, Justin Lowe would have none of it and called Chehadeh.

After the flop {5-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{3-Diamonds} Lowe went all-in, much to the surprise, and delight, of Chehadeh who immediately called and showed his {A-}{2-}

Lowe had {10-}{10-} and he grimaced as he realized he needs a runner-runner to stay in the tournament. He did blank on the turn {Q-Diamonds}and the river {7-Clubs} which means Justin Lowe is out of here!

Chehadeh for his efforts increased his stack to around 35,000.

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