Main Event

Neil's Stack Comes Crashing Down

Mike Puno

Defending champion Neil Arce is now on life support after taking a huge hit against Mike Puno.

Pre-flop, Mike made a raise to 4,200 and Neil called. The flop came queen-high and Mike bet 7,000. Neil then made it 10,000 more and Mike made the call.

When a jack landed on the turn, Mike checked over to Neil, who bet a little over 20,000. Mike then re-raised to about 45,000, prompting Neil to declare all-in. To his surprise, Mike instantly called and the cards were tabled:

Mike: {q-}{q-}
Neil: {j-}{j-}

Neil thought he was about to knock out another player after hitting a set of jacks on the turn, but he was the one who ended up being in trouble after his opponent showed that he had hit his bigger set on the flop!

The river blanked out, giving Mike a huge double-up to about 255,000 and sending Neil's stack to less than 5,000.

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