Event 7: $1,150 No Limit Hold'em w/ Rebuys

Karamalikis Hits The Rail

Florian Langmann limped in the small blind and Jonathan Karamalikis checked his option.

The flop came {4-Hearts} {A-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds} and Langmann lead out for 1,500. Karamalikis made it 4,600 and Langmann made it 13,000. Karamalikis then pushed all-in and the German called.

Langmann: {A-Hearts} {4-Clubs}
Karamalikis: {6-Clubs} {3-Diamonds}

The turn was the {J-Spades} and the river the {Q-Diamonds}, the Australian ring-winner missed his straight draw and Langmann's two pair held.

We're now on the bubble.