Event 9: $10,500 Aussie Millions Main Event

Chaptini Doubles Through the Chip Leader

From the button, Kosmas Datsas raised to 44,000. Fouad Chaptini was in the small blind and reraised all in for 112,000 total. Datsas made the call.

Chaptini: {A-Hearts}{Q-Spades}
Datsas: {A-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}

The board ran out {Q-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{J-Hearts} and Chaptini doubled through to 295,000. Kosmas slipped to 1.74 million.

Pierre Aoukar Eliminated in 18th Place ($75,000 AUD)

Pierre Aoukar
Pierre Aoukar
Pierre Aoukar limped in before Stephen Shelly raised to 25,000. Annette Obrestad called from the small blind and then Aoukar called as well.

The flop came down {J-Clubs}{4-Spades}{3-Spades} and Obrestad checked. Aoukar fired 90,000 and then Shelly raised to 200,000. Obrestad folded before Aoukar moved all in. Shelly made the call.

Shelly: {A-Spades}{J-Spades}
Aoukar: {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}

The turn was the {K-Diamonds} and the river the {5-Diamonds}. Aoukar was eliminated in 18th place and earned $75,000 AUD for his efforts.

One for Dodds

Fouad Chaptini completed from the small blind and Joel Dodds checked in the big blind. The flop came down {A-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{5-Spades} and Chaptini fired 11,000. Dodds raised to 32,000 and Chaptini called.

The turn card added the {K-Spades} to the board and Chaptini checked. Dodds bet 32,000 and Chaptini mucked.

Dodds increased to 285,000 while Chaptini dropped to 135,000.

Jetten Doubles Through Wenigwieser

Within the first few minutes of action, two players found themselves standing with all the chips in the middle and the cards on their backs.

From under the gun plus one, Jurgen Wenigwieser raised to 32,000. Steven Friedlander rerised to 85,000 from the small blind. Peter Jetten reraised all in from the big blind for roughly 500,000 and Wenigwieser called. Friedlander ducked out of the way.

Wenigwieser: {A-Spades}{K-Spades}
Jetten: {Q-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}

The board ran out {7-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{4-Clubs} and Jetten doubled up to 1.36 million. Wenigwieser dropped to one million.

Here Comes Day 4

Chip leader Kosmas Dratsas
Chip leader Kosmas Dratsas
A few days ago, the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event began with 746 runners plopping down $10,500 to take their shot at glory. As of late last night, only 18 remain.

David Frieling was the last player sent home in 19th place before the bunch that was left bagged up their chips. Frieling made a move against Sorel Mizzi with a lot of back-up outs had he been called. Mizzi was up to the task and stuck the chips in with just a pair of aces on the turn. After the river blanked, Frieling was sent to the rail.

Mizzi finished third on the leaderboard. He was only a handful of chips behind his Betfair counterpart Annette Obrestad, who finished in second place. Topping the leaderboard is Kosmas Dratsas. His field-leading chip stack is officially 1,792,000.

One must not forget about Canadian Elliot Smith. Smith may only have 334,000 chips, but he final tabled this very event last year, finishing in third place. He also has three WSOP cashes to his name and one cash at the 2009 PCA.

If there's one player that was the crowd favorite coming into Day 4, that's be The Big Show, Mr. Steve Topakas. Topakas was on the brink of elimination a multitude of times yesterday, but survived each one before ending the day with 191,000 chips. With a couple more double ups, Topakas could easily find himself behind a big stack with plenty of home-field momentum. And that will surely get the crowd roaring.

Tournament director MIke Tarr has informed us that the final table will be seven handed this year. Play will continue all day and night until that magic number is reached. Buckle up, grab a beer and get some popcorn because this looks to be a long day filled with plenty of action!

Day 4 Starting Seat Assignments and Chip Counts

Play is scheduled to resume at 12:30 p.m. local time

(Table 1)
Seat 1: Kosmas Dratsas - 1,792,000
Seat 2: Stephen Shelley - 1,241,000
Seat 3: Elliot Smith - 334,000
Seat 4: Annette Obrestad - 1,711,000
Seat 5: Tyron Krost - 953,000
Seat 6: Frederik Jensen - 1,144,000

(Table 2)
Seat 1: Fouad Chaptini - 183,000
Seat 2: Steven Friedlander - 494,000
Seat 3: Peter Jetten - 642,000
Seat 4: Sorel Mizzi - 1,695,000
Seat 5: Jurgen Wenigwieser - 1,626,000
Seat 6: Steve Topakas - 191,000

(Table 3)
Seat 1: Pierre Aoukar - 310,000
Seat 2: Kosta Varoxis - 183,000
Seat 3: Joel Dodds - 242,000
Seat 4: Jens Kerper - 886,000
Seat 5: Dan Shak - 1,144,000
Seat 6: Jessica Dawley - 295,000