Main Event

Thorson Chipping Up with Turn Check-Raise


William Thorson raised from under the gun to 200 before action folded to Vladimir Mihailov in middle position. He reraised and made it 1,000 to go. In the very next seat was Jeff Sarwer. The once chess prodigy flat-called the three-bet and then play folded back around to Thorson. He, too, called and the three players went to the flop.

The flop came down {4-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Thorson was first t act. The Swede checked, which prompted a bet of 1,500 from Mihailov. Sarwer called the bet, as did Thorson.

Fourth street produced the {8-Clubs} and Thorson checked to Mihailov again. Mihailov didn't bet this time, but instead passed the action to Sarwer. Sarwer fired 3,600. After a short pause, Thorson raised to 10,000 even. Mihailov got out of the way before Sarwer began to tank. He counted his own stack while thinking things through, but eventually tossed his hand into the muck and allowed Thorson to win the contest.

Chip Counts
37,000 7,000

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