Main Event

Drawing Even

David Boyaciyan

As we watched the last series of hands play out, it started to become clear that the momentum has begun to swing a little bit in the Dutchman's favor. Over the course of the last ten minutes, Daid Boyaciyan has been dragging the majority of the pots, and Martin Finger appears to be slightly out of his groove.

In the last pot of the series, Boyaciyan raised to 260,000 from the button, and Finger made the call to proceed. The flop came out {3-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}, and Boyaciyan made a repeat bet of 260,000. Finger check-called, and they both checked through the {A-Hearts} turn. On the river, the {8-Hearts} put a four-flush on board, and Finger led out with 500,000 of his own chips. Boyaciyan made the call, and Finger showed up {A-Clubs} {10-Hearts}. His flush was decent, but his opponent's was one better. The {Q-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} appeared on the other side of the felt, and Boyaciyan drags that pot as well.

The match is drawing closer to even still, and Boyaciyan is one big pot away from turning the tables entirely.

Chip Counts
12,510,000 -1,700,000
9,150,000 1,700,000

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