€10,000 High Roller

Pobal Doubles


From under the gun, Mikalai Pobal raised to 10,000 with just over 80,000 behind. On the button, Michael Tureniec reraised to 19,000, then play folded to Brandon Barnes in the big blind. He reraised and made it 40,500 to go. Pobal then moved all in for 90,500, and Tureniec did the same, for 180,500. Barnes got a count, then folded.

Tureniec: {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}
Pobal: {7-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}

The board ran out {Q-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}, and Pobal doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes
465,000 -35,000
Mikalai Pobal by
Mikalai Pobal
by 225,000 140,000
Michael Tureniec se
Michael Tureniec
se 90,000 -120,000

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