Main Event

Aguiar Bets Out Moschitta

We found Team Online's Luca Moschitta engaged in a hand with recent WSOPE bracelet winner Jonathan Aguiar. With over 4,500 in the pot before the flop, the dealer produced a flop of {9-Spades}{7-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}. Aguiar tapped the table and Moschitta fired 2,325. Aguiar flung out a raise to 9,000 total and Moschitta went into the tank for quite some time.

"Why so much," we heard Moschitta mutter to himself while pondering his action. Eventually Moschitta let go of his cards and the pot was pushed to Aguiar.

Player Chips Progress
Jonathan Aguiar us
Jonathan Aguiar
us 34,000 4,000
Luca Moschitta it
Luca Moschitta
it 22,000

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