Main Event

Boeree Likes it in Sanremo

Liv Boeree is having a jolly old time on her old and very happy stomping grind.

Six players stumped up the required amount to see the {4-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} flop come down (John Duthie and Roberto Romanello included). Matthew Keikoan led for 1,000 from the small blind and he was called by the original aggressor and Boeree from the small blind.

The turn fell {4-Spades} and the original aggressor bet 2,525, only to be called by Boeree. A third diamond appeared on the {5-Diamonds} river and both players checked. Boeree had got there with {j-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} to beat out her opponent's {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}.

Chip Counts
Liv Boeree gb 48,000 9,000
John Duthie gb 48,000 18,000
Roberto Romanello gb 33,000 3,000

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