Main event

Justin Chan Wins the Macau Millions! (HK $275,000)

Runner-up Tom Chou, left, congratulates champion Justin Chan

We have a winner here at PokerStars Macau! Hong Kong poker player Justin Chan overcame a huge field to win the first-ever Macau Millions tournament.

The main event attracted a total of 741 entries, setting a regional record and breaking the guaranteed prize pool of HK $1,000,000.

He built up his chips and started to make his impact during the second half of the day, eliminating players left and right and building up a big stack.

Finally, after almost two and a half hours dueling with Tom Chou and Lei "Alex" Long, Alex was eliminated and Justin found himself one-on-one with the veteran poker player.

That match-up didn't last very long. In fact, it was all over on the very first hand after the two got their stacks all-in with Justin holding {8-Hearts}{9-Clubs} against Tom's {k-Clubs}{7-Spades}. An eight on the flop and blanks on the turn and river sealed the victory for Justin, netting him a cool HK $275,000 in the process.

From all of us here at PokerStars Macau, it's been a fun five days doing live coverage of the Macau Millions. Thanks to PokerStars, the tournament staff, the players, and everybody at the Grand Lisboa for a great experience.

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