Main Event

Sergeant Down

Jester Intia

Jester Intia found himself in great position to triple up but ended up getting eliminated from the tournament.

Pre-flop, a middle position player raised to 20,000, another player called, and Jester shoved all-in for his last 43,000. Both players called and Jester could only hope for a weak flop.

Flop: {a-}{3-}{5-}

The initial pre-flop raiser bet 40,000 and the other player got out of the way, showing pocket jacks.

Jester and his opponent then showed their cards:

Jester: {q-}{q-}
Opponent: {a-}{j-}

The two remaining queens in the deck were the only things that could help Jester and they never came on the {9-} turn and {6-} river, sending him to the rail in 91st place.

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