Main Event

Day 2 Is Done!


After a long sixteen hours here at the Metro Card Club, we are finally finished with Day 2!

Almost 300 players started the day but when it was all said and done, only 14 remain to play tomorrow.

After taking out Lester Edoc, who dominated most of the day as the chip leader, Ronald Dimaano is now sitting pretty as the undisputed chip king with almost four million in chips.

Here are the final fourteen and their chip counts:

Francis Beliran (520,000)
Vic Catalan (1,341,000)
Regi Gonzales (983,000)
Ramil Tandoc (801,000)
Oliver Buquiran (247,000)
Ronald Dimaano (3,878,000)
Jay Morales (581,000)
Derrick Hernandez (1,114,000)
Theresa Datu (1,012,000)
Alex Corpuz (425,000)
Percy Shy (716,000)
Johnson Tan (1,061,000)
Jun Dalaygon (347,000)
Michael Boling (672,000)

Action starts at 3:00 pm. See you all tomorrow!