Red Dragon (Main Event)

Del Rosario's Double

Kent del Rosario

Kent del Rosario went all-in preflop for a total of 7300. With a bigger stack, an opponent made the call.

Del Rosario was dominated as he showed {6-}{6-} versus his opponent's {9-}{9-}

The flop {a-}{4-}{5-} was of no help to del Rosario but there was still some sort of hope.

Th turn {7-Diamonds} was the light at the end of the tunnel, and he needed another card to complete the runner-runner... And indeed it happened as the river {8-Diamonds} completed the improbable straight and gave del Rosario a double-up he needs as he stacks up to roughly 15000.

Chip count updates
: Celina Lin is now down to 13000, Tracy Hugh has 9000 as J.C. Tran has 16000.

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