Red Dragon (Main Event)

Ready for Day 3?


The long grind will come to a screeching halt later today--- we don't know how long of course--- as we go into Day 3 of the PokerStars MPC Red Dragon Main Event!

Some stats and figures to consider before the cards fly today:

*MOST PLAYERS FROM ONE COUNTRY: JAPAN, 9 left - There were originally 79 Japanese players who registered in Day 1A and Day 1B.

*THE LAST HURRAH: HONG KONG, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, TAIPEI, MALAYSIA and CANADA, 1 player left in the field in each of these countries.

*THE BIG-STACK BULLIES: Five players have over 195,000 chips and 3 more players with more than a hundred thousand.

*SHORT STACKS: Nine players have less than 40,000 chips.

Minutes away now, check back later for regular updates as 38 players battle for the MPC Red Dragon title!

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