Main Event

Elmer Binondo Eliminated At Tenth Place (PhP 45,700)

Elmer Binondo
Elmer Binondo, the shortest stack on the final table, has been eliminated.

Before the flop, there was four-way action wherein Elmer moved all in and got called by Martin Gonzales, Sae Jin Lee and Ed Marcelo.

Flop: {7-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

Ed moved all in for about 150,000 then Martin and Sae Jin both got out of the way for a showdown between Ed and Elmer.

Elmer: {q-Spades}{6-Spades}
Ed: {q-Clubs}{10-Spades}

Ed made a full house on the turn {q-?} and the river {k-?} was all she wrote for Elmer.

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