Event #21: $1,500 Seven Card Stud

Raymond Walter Eliminated in 10th Place ($10,057)

Raymond Walter: {q-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{q-Spades}{4-Clubs}{3-Hearts}
Richard Ashby: {7-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}

Raymond Walter was all in on fourth street and the rest of the cards were dealt.

Ashby took a moment to turn over his last down card - and once Walter had seen that it brought in the flush he stood up to leave without even looking at his last down card. Someone pointed out that he already had two pair and maybe he should take a peek and suddenly there was some excitement at the table. Unfortunately for Walter, though, the final card didn't make him a full house, and he became our 10th place finisher.

The remaining nine players have now squashed on to a single table to play out the rest of the level, or just until one of them busts.

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