Event #3: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Dash Dudley Eliminated in 8th place ($67,221)

Dash Dudley - 8th place

Just a few hands later, and the unfortunate Dash Dudley shoved for his last 250,000 in early position and it folded all the way around to Isaac Settle in the big blind.

"250,000 to call?" said the also short-stacked Settle, as though he couldn't quite believe it was so little. "Call."

So, on their backs.

Settle: {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}
Dudley: not quite as live as he presumably thought he would be, with {7-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}

Flop: {k-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}

"Seven, seven," said Dudley quietly, but even he didn't believe it was coming.

Turn: {k-Spades}

"Hey Nikki, jack of clubs!" one of the pro-Mitchell railers shouted at the announcer, apparently thoroughly enjoying Dudley's suffering.

River: {3-Spades}

With that, Dudley's bracelet hopes were dashed and he exited in eighth place. Settle's stack increased to around the 700,000 mark.

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