Event #36: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Dunst Takes a Turn for the Better

Tony Dunst
Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst has been riding a short stack as of late and recently shoved all in when action was folded to him in the small blind. The player in the big blind didn't hesitate to call and we soon saw that Dunst was in bad shape.

Dunst: {6-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}
Opponent: {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts}

Dunst stood up and put on his jacket when the flop came {j-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, but paused when the turn brought the {3-Spades}. With the {10-Clubs} on the river, Dunst was able to sit back down and will keep plugging away. He is now at about 2,350 chips.

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More Late Registrations

Kanye West isn't the only guy who knows how to drop some late registration. In addition to Tom Dwan, we have also spotted David "Bakes" Baker, Chris Ferguson, JJ Liu, Andy Black and Steve Sung making their way to their respective tables.

Tim West Gets a Nice Bump

Tim "Tmay420" West cashed in the first $1k event this year and is back today hoping to go a little deeper. A player in middle position had raised to 250 with West calling from the cutoff.

The flop came {k-Spades}{a-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and the middle position player led out with a bet of 250. West made it 600 to go and his opponent called.

The player in middle position checked when the {j-Spades} came on the turn. He wasn't going to get a free card, though. West put 875 into the middle and his opponent tanked before making the call.

The river was the {9-Clubs} and action was once again checked to West, who went all in. His opponent tanked again before folding, but there were enough chips in the pot to boost West up to 8,500.

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Dwan Arrives

Tom Dwan was just spotted working his way from the registration booth to his table. He's one of a number of notable players to have registered late for today's event.

The overflow tables are reaching into the area normally reserved for cash games and around the area designated for high stakes cash games. A number of players are leaving their seats to check out the $25/50 PLO game underway as well as the $75/150 Omaha hi-low

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Break Time

Players are on their first twenty-minute break of the day.

Neuville Doubles With Jacks

A player in middle position raised and was followed by a call from the player on the button. Over in the small blind, Pierre Neuville moved all in for 1,100. The middle position player called and the button player folded.

Neuville: {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}
Opponent: {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

Neuville was ahead in the race and stayed that way as the board ran out {2-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{3-Spades}{10-Hearts}. He's now sitting with about 2,650.

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Pick One


When we arrived at the table the board read {6-Spades}{9-Clubs}{10-Hearts} and Greg Mueller called a 750-chip bet from his opponent. The turn card was a {j-Clubs} and after his opponent checked, Mueller said, "Check?!" and checked behind.

The river brought a {q-Clubs} to the table and, once again, his opponent checked. Mueller put him all in and eventually took the pot.

"Pick one", said Mueller...

Mueller moved up to 7,000 chips.

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We'll Be Mizzing You

Sorel Mizzi
Sorel Mizzi

We didn't catch his bust hand, but we're confident that Sorel Mizzi has been eliminated from today's tournament. We just saw him sitting down in a high stakes Omaha game. He's been joined by Jason Mercier, who also took an early exit this afternoon.

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