Event #36: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Levi Moreno First to Bust


Action passed to Levi Moreno in middle position. He jammed a short stack of roughly 140,000 into the middle. The only player interested in taking Moreno on was Luther Lewis, who turned over the pre-flop nuts, {a-Diamonds} {a-Clubs}.

"Good hand," said Moreno as he turned up {7-Hearts} {q-Hearts}.

Moreno made a pair of queens on an all-club flop, {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}, but it never got any better from there. The turn was the {j-Diamonds} and the river {a-Spades} gave Lewis an unnecessary set. Moreno is out.

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Day 3 Looms Near

We're just under thirty minutes from the kickoff of Day 3 of Event #36. Today the 38 players who made it through a grueling Day 2 will get ready for the next pivotal step in their quest for a WSOP bracelet - making a final table.

With only 38 players remaining, we're not sure just how long it will take to reach the final table. The big stacks are getting deeper and as more people get knocked out, the deeper stacks might slow play a little. Then again, the field is filled largely with young, aggressive players who spend their days grinding online tournaments where aggression is used much more often.

Our chip leader going into the day is John Clancy, who has close to $1 million in online winnings and a stack of 774,000 to help him acquire his first bracelet. Josh Goldstein is hot on his heels with 511,000 and has live and online success that should help him get through the field. Peter Traply is approaching the one-year anniversary of his first bracelet win and is no doubt looking to turn his short stack into larger one as he tries to grab a win two years in a row.

Cards will be in the air shortly, so make sure to stick with us as we bring you all the action fit for print.

Day 3 Table Draw

Table 331
Seat 1: Benjamin Meredith (314000)
Seat 2: Adam Richardson (193000)
Seat 3: Michael Michnik (180000)
Seat 4: Joseph Pitti (202000)
Seat 5: John Dolan (199000)
Seat 6: Sebastien Roy (372000)
Seat 7: --empty--
Seat 8: Jonathan Clancy (774000)
Seat 9: Peter Dufek (240000)

Table 332
Seat 1: --empty--
Seat 2: Curtis Nozawa (169000)
Seat 3: Jeffrey Frye (134000)
Seat 4: Luther Lewis (210000)
Seat 5: Ryan Dangelo (336000)
Seat 6: Edin Pasillas (158000)
Seat 7: Michael Carlson (423000)
Seat 8: Levi Moreno (144000)
Seat 9: --empty--

Table 336
Seat 1: Richard Florestan (337000)
Seat 2: Jack Ellwood (27000)
Seat 3: Daniel Fuhs (209000)
Seat 4: Alexander Low (120000)
Seat 5: David Sanchez (305000)
Seat 6: Michael Muldoon (374000)
Seat 7: Brent Roberts (295000)
Seat 8: Timothy Beeman (549000)
Seat 9: --empty--

Table 337
Seat 1: Bradley Bury (207000)
Seat 2: Charles Hatley (120000)
Seat 3: Michael Dietrich (320000)
Seat 4: Daniel Carbonari (413000)
Seat 5: Peter Traply (119000)
Seat 6: Scott Montgomery (97000)
Seat 7: Alexey Golodyaev (168000)
Seat 8: Dmitry Vitkind (241000)
Seat 9: --empty--

Table 338
Seat 1: Raul Gonzales (162000)
Seat 2: Joshua Goldstein (511000)
Seat 3: Michael Trahan (119000)
Seat 4: Svetlana Gromenkova (188000)
Seat 5: Felix Young (93000)
Seat 6: Giuseppe Padovano (252000)
Seat 7: --empty--
Seat 8: --empty--
Seat 9: Chancellor Strickland (116000)