Event #43: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Razz Causing Problems for the Short Stacks


Roman Yitzhaki: (X-X) / {6-}{2-}{3-}{6-} / (X)
Nick Schulman: (X-X) / {6-}{2-}{3-}{6-} / (X)

Yitzhaki led with bets on fourth and fifth, and Schulman called. Both checked sixth, and after looking at his final card, Schulman bet out. Yitzhaki folded, flashing the (ax2x) he'd started with and the third {6-} he'd caught on seventh. He is down to 100,000 now and in need of help.

The same round, Marco Traniello lost a big razz pot to Scott Fischman to find himself in similar difficulty.

Schulman: (X-X) / {5-}{q-}{q-}
Traniello: (X-X) / {10-}{a-}{7-}{j-} / (X)
Fischman: (X-X) / {2-}{4-}{q-}{7-} / (X)

Traniello led on fifth, and when Fischman raised, Schulman folded. Marco called, then bet out on sixth. Scott flatted. Traniello checked seventh, and Fischman bet. Traniello called to see that Fischman had caught a wheel. Fischman is up to 560,000 while Traniello is down to 127,000.

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