Event #47: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

"Floor to Table 23"


The floor was called to Table 23 to help resolve an incident that had developed. What happened was the player in Seat 4 announced "all in," but failed to put any chips in the pot. Not knowing Seat 4 had moved all in, the player in Seat 9 raised to 1,200.

The question was, did that 1,200 have to stay in the pot since Seat 4 had announced he was all in? Bob Smith, the same floor who was announcing the final table when Phil Ivey won his eighth gold bracelet, came to the table. He listened to the circumstances and ruled that since no chips were put in the pot, he was going to allow Seat 9 to take his bet back.

The floor acknowledged that the dealer should have made Seat 4 put something in the pot and most of the table agreed with the ruling, especially Seat 9.