Event #51: $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em
Event #51: $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em
Day 1 completed

Official Day 1 Chip Counts (full)

Tommy Vedes us 237,100
David Singer us 204,100
Alessio Isaia it 182,900
Gavin Griffin us 134,300
Jason Helder us 130,200
Ryan Welch us 126,800
James Akenhead gb 126,300
Mike Sowers us 113,000
Jason Doherty 107,900
Karga Holt 105,600
Will Failla us 101,000
Daniel Buzgon us 98,700
Frank Rusnak us 96,600
Joe Tehan us 93,100
Daniel Illingworth 92,300
Nicholas Mitchell 89,800
Rich Fohrenbach 88,700
Jonas Kronwitter at 85,400
Kiarash Hamadani us 83,000
Gabriel Vezina 81,200
Steven Fung 81,000
Michael Noda 80,100
Andrew Rosskamm us 78,900
Alex Bolotin us 74,900
Lee Gaines 74,200

Vedes Noses Singer to End Day 1

Tommy Vedes
Tommy Vedes

10 up, 10 down. We've reached the end of Day 1 of Event 51, $3,000 Triple Change No-Limit Hold'em.

The faux rebuy nature of this tournament created some interesting play early in the day. Some players took their rebuys right away, willing to take their chances on going broke in order to play deep-stacked poker. Others kept their rebuys behind and flicked their "gamble" switch.

Either way, everyone was on equal footing by the start of Level 5, when all of the unredeemed rebuy lammers were swapped for tournament chips. From there this tournament played down like so many other no-limit hold'em tournaments have at the World Series of Poker, with naked aggression being the dominant characteristic.

The bustouts started early. Double-bracelet winner Frank Kassela was among the first out, leaving with a simple, "Well I guess I played that badly." He was soon joined by the likes of David Williams, Gavin Smith, Vanesssa Rousso, David Steicke, Chino Rheem and many, many more. By the end of the night less than 20% of the starters were still around to bag up chips.

There was a handful of players that bagged more than 100,000 chips at the end of the night. Notables among them included Sida Yuen, Gavin Griffin and James Akenhead. It looked like nobody was going to bag more chips than David Singer, who managed to build his starting stack of 9,000 into 204,100 after ten full levels of play. But then on the very last two hands of the day, Tommy Vedes caught aces back-to-back to surge to the end of the day lead with 237,000 chips.

Vedes will begin tomorrow as the chip leader of the roughly 180 players remaining in this event, with a stack approximately five times the average stack. The field will have to be trimmed in half before we hit the money. It will all start at 2:30pm local time. Your intrepid reporters will of course be there to document the action.

Until then, you can find us at the bar.

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Scratch That. A Fantastic Finish for Vedes!

Okay, so Tommy Vedes.

One hand after eliminating Andrea Piva with pocket aces, Vedes found them again on the final hand of the night. There was heavy preflop raising action, and Vedes ended up getting a player with pocket queens to fold. It was a good fold, too; the third player couldn't get away from his pocket kings, and Vedes was poised for another knockout.

There was no funny stuff on the board full of blanks, and Vedes has sent this day out with quite a bang. That final pot shoots him up to 237,000 and that's going to be good enough to snatch the overnight chip lead from David Singer barring some last-minute fireworks on another table.

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A Good Finish For Vedes

A player in late position opened with a raise to 2,500, and Tommy Vedes reraised to what looked like 10,200 total. In the big blind Andrea Piva squeezed his cards and tanked for a couple minutes before moving all in for about 18,000 total. The initial raiser ducked out, and Vedes quickly called to put his man at risk.

It was rockets for Tommy V, {A-Clubs} {A-Hearts}, and Piva shrugged and turned up his {8-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}. There was an eight on the river, but it was already too late for Piva. The board ran {Q-Clubs} {2-Clubs} {A-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds} {8-Hearts}, and Vedes' set is bigger than Piva's.

That elimination pot moves Vedes up to 146,000 and up near the top of the scoreboard as the day nears completion.

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Seven to Go

We're at that magical ten-minute mark in the last level, and the clock has been paused. A seven was plucked from the mystical deck, and we'll play that many hands at each table before calling it a night.

Chan's Bluff Called


With the board showing {a-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}, Terrence Chan led out from the big blind with a bet of 12,000. His lone opponent actually threw 16,000 chips into the pot with a call, then said, "Well now you know I was willing to call 16. I guess you got a read."

The river was the {5-Diamonds}. Chan fired again, this time for 20,000. His opponent tanked for about a minute before taking a stack of yellow (T1,000) chips and thrusting them into the center of the table. Chan didn't say a word as he turned up {q-Clubs}{j-Hearts}, a stone bluff. His opponent showed {a-Spades}{q-Spades} to take the pot with a pair of aces.

"Hell of a call," said a player from a neighboring table observing the hand.

Chan is down to 53,000.

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Chip Count Updates

David Singer 202,000 55,000
Gavin Griffin 113,000 -2,000
Ricky Fohrenbach 110,000 10,000
Tommy Vedes 106,000 55,000
Terrence Chan 98,000 21,000
Mike Gracz 71,000
James Akenhead 68,000 16,000
Tom Dwan 57,000 -24,000
Will Failla 56,000 4,000
Steven van Zadelhoff 55,000 46,500
Jason Potter 53,000 20,000
Felipe Ramos 50,000 -25,000
Alex Bolotin 45,000 -13,000
Tom Franklin 42,000 13,000
Ty Reiman 39,000 -26,000
Jordan Morgan 36,000 2,000
Michael Martin 34,000 2,000
Alex Kravchenko 33,000
Adam Junglen 30,000 -8,000
Faraz Jaka 28,000 -33,000
Julien Brecard 27,000 -13,000
Vitaly Lunkin 26,000 -2,000
Jon Van Fleet 25,000 11,000
Wooka Kim 21,000 11,000
David Plastik 17,000 1,000

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