Event #55: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

The Proverbial "Better Spot"

Miguel Proulx got his 750,000 chips into the pot on the next hand, and Daniel Alaei called with a chance at the knockout.

Proulx: {A-Spades} {2-Spades} {5-Clubs} {9-Clubs}
Alaei: {8-Spades} {J-Diamonds} {J-Clubs} {Q-Hearts}

Alaei was ahead, and he stayed firmly in front on the flop of {9-Spades} {6-Hearts} {3-Diamonds}. The {A-Clubs} on the turn was the money card for Proulx, though, giving him two pair and putting him one card from the double up. The river {Q-Spades} was safe, and he's moved himself back up to 1.58 million chips.

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