Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

2010 Poker Hall of Fame Inductee: Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington

Nolan Dalla presented the first inductee in the 2010 class of the Poker Hall of Fame, Dan Harrington. Harrington is now giving his acceptance speech. Harrington's accomplishments include $6.6 million in tournament winnings and a legendary series of poker books, Harrington on Hold'em.

Harrington has also shown he has some wit. He related a story from many years ago in which he declined to play in a high-stakes game because it was beyond his bankroll. Jack Binion told Harrington that if Binion had Harrington's skill, Binion would play higher and higher. Harrington replied, "Jack, if I had your money, I wouldn't play at all."

Harrington is wrapping up his speech now. Once he's done it'll be Erik Seidel's turn.

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