Event #1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Roland Reparejo us 1,795,000 995,000
Corey Emery us 735,000 275,000
Eric Mink Updated
via app
23,000 -14,000
Charles Nguyen US Busted
Olivier Doremus US Busted
John Taylor US Busted
Kevin Chiem US Busted
Brian Wong us Busted
Marcin Sobczak US Busted
David Luttbeg US Busted
Cameron Tullis US Busted
Aaron Henderson us Busted
Jay Graunstadt Busted
Antonio Bonilla Busted
John Pearson Busted
Cory Rodvik Busted
Patricia Baker Busted
Carlos Loving us Busted
Robert Nonni Busted
Jeffrey Dumlao Busted
Peter Alba us Busted
Eric Monson Busted
Mo Nuwwarah us Busted
Sherwin Pilalia Busted
Luis Gadiana Busted
Craig Capello Busted
Mindy Ritchie us Busted
John Dodson Busted
Jason James ca Busted
Sergio Trevino Busted
Dustin Iannotti Busted
Ludwig Berger Busted
Sandro Terone Busted
Jonathan Brown Busted
Joseph Vigurs Busted
Ian Wiley Busted
Romeo Samblero us Busted
Chris Solomon Busted
Shannon Stash Busted
Stephen Conyers Busted
Ray Kluever Busted
Ronaldo Rodriguez us Busted
Daniel Grymyr Busted
Dennis Glover Busted
Chen Zhong Busted
Andy Rich Busted
Chris Danek Busted
Brett Halladay Busted
Kristi Nguyen Busted
Kristofer Vinson Busted
Alexander Sun Busted
Zachariah Miller Busted
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