Event #36: $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Brian Rast us 62,950 0
Joseph Cheong us 54,475 37,675
Samuel Touil fr 50,525 50,525
Scott Blackman US 50,000 50,000
Bryce Yockey us 49,625 26,625
Christopher Mecklin US 48,175 0
Max Kruse de 48,075 48,075
Ali Eslami us 43,700 -14,300
Chris Viox us 42,650 42,650
Steven Wolansky us 42,475 -6,525
Phil Hellmuth us 42,400 21,400
Shunjiro Uchida us 39,450 39,450
Eli Elezra us 38,125 26,125
Vincent Maglio 37,500 37,500
Eric Wasserson us 37,000 -15,000
Scott Abrams us 30,300 12,800
John Racener us 28,050 16,650
Chino Rheem us 27,100 7,100
Thomas Ricketts US 25,875 25,875
Max Pescatori it 25,450 0
Robert Williamson us 24,525 1,525
Brian Brubaker us Updated
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24,000 -3,000
Orjan Skommo no 22,950 22,950
Mike Leah ca 21,300 5,900
Hanna Salim US 20,900 20,900
Chris Klodnicki us 18,975 -4,025
Scott Bohlman us 18,100 2,100
Justin Gardenhire us 17,775 4,775
Brandon Merrill US 16,725 16,725
Marcel Vonk nl 13,400 -22,600
Tom McCormick us 10,380 -920
Robin Rightmire us 9,800 9,800
Markus Garberg no 9,550 -11,250
Adam Crawford ca 6,750 6,750
Thomas Fuller us 6,200 6,200
Matthew Schultz us 5,900 5,900
William Toh us 5,100 5,100
Yuval Bronshtein il 4,625 -13,075
Ben Hamnett us Busted
Robert Mizrachi us Busted
Marvin Rettenmaier de Busted
Alexander Kuzmin ru Busted
Erle Mankin us Busted
Brent Roberts us Busted
John Monnette us Busted
Marco Traniello it Busted
Jennifer Harman us Busted
Jeff Lisandro au Busted
Mike Watson ca Busted
Fabrice Soulier fr Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
Aaron Steury us Busted
Scott Clements us Busted
Marco Johnson us Busted
Martin Staszko cz Busted
Frank Kassela us Busted
Galen Hall us Busted
Ismael Bojang at Busted
Darren Elias us Busted
Owais Ahmed us Busted
Dylan Wilkerson us Busted
Ami Barer ca Busted
Ashton Griffin us Busted
Mark Fraser us Updated
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Aaron Cooper Updated
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Alex Bilokur ru Busted
Shane Schleger us Busted
Mike Gorodinsky us Busted
Luis Velador mx Busted
Bill Chen us Busted
Andrew Lichtenberger us Busted
Christian Harder us Busted
Todd Brunson us Busted
Dan Kelly us Busted
Barry Greenstein us Busted
Bruno Fitoussi fr Busted
David Williams us Busted
Phil Laak us Busted
Dan Harmetz us Busted
Larry Wright us Busted
George Danzer de Busted
Brian Hastings us Busted
David "ODB" Baker us Busted
Victor Ramdin us Busted
Bertrand Grospellier fr Busted
Todd Barlow us Busted
Shawn Buchanan ca Busted
Mickey Appleman us Busted
Mohsin Charania us Busted
Scott Seiver us Busted
Andrey Zaichenko ru Busted
Rick Fuller us Updated
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Rep Porter us Busted
Naoya Kihara jp Busted
Randy Ohel us Busted
Tom Schneider us Busted
Konstantin Puchkov ru Busted
Brandon Del Nano Busted
Bryan Devonshire us Busted
Dominik Nitsche de Busted
Will Failla us Busted
Erik Seidel us Busted
Brandon Cantu us Busted
Josh Brikis us Busted
David Bach us Busted
Mike Matusow us Busted
Ben Yu us Busted
Calvin Anderson us Busted
Antonio Esfandiari us Busted
Michael (D) Smith Updated
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Ryan D'Angelo us Busted
Jon Turner us Busted
Rami Boukai us Busted
Jesse Martin us Busted
Bernard Lee us Busted
Jake Schwartz us Busted
Steve Zolotow us Busted
Chris George us Busted
Maria Ho us Busted
Tom Franklin us Busted
David Matthews us Updated
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Mike Wattel us Busted
Daniel Weinman us Busted
Huck Seed us Busted
Bryan Micon us Busted
Paul Volpe us Busted
Mark Roland us Busted
James Hoeppner us Busted
Nipun Java in Updated
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Ryan Tepen us Updated
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Greg Raymer us Busted
Brandon Shack-Harris us Busted
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