Event #49: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Margareta Morris US 805,000 -14,000
John Dolan us 719,000 149,000
Timur Margolin il 647,000 167,000
Jason Koon us 616,000 -64,000
Kevin MacPhee us 601,000 -149,000
Jean Gaspard us 600,000 -102,000
Jeremy Kottler us 595,000 53,000
Blake Bohn us 582,000 0
Oliver Price gb 548,000 28,000
Manig Loeser de 493,000 103,000
Tom Bedell no 488,000 168,000
David Miscikowski us 484,000 19,000
Alberto Gomez GB 459,000 39,000
Jeremy Wien us 419,000 153,000
Norbert Szecsi hu 370,000 -142,000
Melanie Weisner us 301,500 -8,500
Vinicus De Silva BR 299,000 -56,000
Tony Gargano us 275,000 5,000
Josh Arieh us 267,000 -193,000
Andy Spears us 200,000 78,000
Anthony Spinella us 197,000 -33,000
Daniel Colman us 144,000 -111,000
Harry Thomas us Busted
Randal Flowers us Busted
Guillaume Diaz fr Busted
Hasan Habib us Busted
Giuseppe Pantaleo de Busted
Anatoly Filatov ru Busted
Eugene Todd us Busted
Ivan Saul Busted
Ilkin Amirov az Busted
Nick Petrangelo us Busted
Maggie Morris Busted
Robert Prinz Busted
Alexey Tsessarskiy Busted
Eric Sfez fr Busted
Brian Payne Busted
Richard Hendin Busted
Hyung Sun Jung Busted
Christopher Day Busted
Stephane Benadiba fr Busted
Francis Foordbrown Busted
Trevor Pope us Busted
Haral Tsivicos Busted
Cindy Martineau Busted
Fernando Brunca br Busted
Pu Liu Busted
Ryan Julius Busted
Kenneth Hicks us Busted
Abdo Naji Busted
Jason Moreno Busted
Justin Kindred us Busted
Raymond Spencer Busted
Joseph Gossweiler us Busted
Joe Kuether us Busted
Robert Martini Busted
Ryan Franklin us Busted
Julius Colman au Busted
Scott Tuttle Busted
Viet Vo us Busted
Kurt Lichtman us Busted
Bruno Lopes fr Busted
Bernd Gleibner Busted
Roy Thung us Busted
John Zipperer Busted
Jonathan Poche us Busted
Vinicus Teixeira De Silva Busted
Chris Day Busted
Lauren Kling us Busted
Dylan Linde us Busted
Michael Tureniec se Busted
Jeff Rossiter au Busted
Chris Dombrowski us Busted
Brian Green us Busted
Harrison Beach Busted
Nenad Medic us Busted
Phil Hellmuth us Busted
Darren Rabinowitz us Busted
Ken Einiger us Busted
Ravi Raghavan us Busted
Jamal Haddad Busted
Jonas Kronwitter at Busted
Stephen Bokor us Busted
Tyler Cornell us Busted
Stewart Newman Busted
Jonathan Little us Busted
Dan Smith us Busted
Chris Hunichen us Busted
Andrew Lichtenberger us Busted
Xuan Liu ca Busted
JC Tran us Busted
Dan Martin us Busted
Ana Marquez es Busted
Vinny Pahuja us Busted
Michael Ferrell us Busted
Steven Levy Busted
Joseph McKeehen us Busted
Daniel Buzgon us Busted
Kirill Rabtsov Busted
Salman Behbehani us Busted
Alex Kravchenko ru Busted
Alex Bilokur ru Busted
Ognjen Sekularac rs Busted
Tom McCormick us Busted
Amirmasoud Babakhani ca Busted
Konstantin Tolokno Busted
Carlos Sanchez Busted
Chris DeMaci us Busted
Jeffrey Smith us Busted
Kenneth Ettinger Busted
Cong Pham Busted
Michael Katz us Busted
Dimitri Holdeew de Busted
David Randall Busted
Phillippe Narboni Busted
Hoflehner Helmut Busted
Pablo Fernandez Campo gb Busted
Joel Sexton Busted
Ardit Kurshumi us Busted
Frederic Soria Busted
Bassel Moussa Busted
Justin Conley us Busted
Martin Kozlov au Busted
Owen Crowe ca Updated
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Ryan Laplante us Busted
Eric Froehlich us Busted
Nicolas Le Floch fr Busted
Emil Olsson Busted
Stanislav Barshak us Busted
Jonathan Maren Busted
Ariel Celestino br Busted
Vincent Bartello us Busted
Ami Barer ca Busted
Everett Carlton us Busted
Taylor Paur us Busted
Luis Assuncao Garla br Busted
Korenev Roman Busted
Pierre Neuville be Busted
Marcello Del Grosso Busted
Patrick Cissell Busted
Ankush Mandavia us Busted
Fredrick Andersson se Busted
Dan O'Brien us Busted
Ray Iskander Updated
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Matt Jarvis ca Busted
Matt O'Donnell us Busted
Vanessa Selbst us Busted
Joe Cada us Busted
Jack Schanbacher Busted
Ryan D'Angelo us Busted
Joseph Cada us Busted
Jordan Cristos us Busted
Matt Davenport Busted
Jeff Gross us Busted
Erik Seidel us Busted
Craig McCorkell gb Busted
Dmitry Kuzmin Busted
Shawn Headley Busted
Georgios Papadopoulos Busted
Ted Lawson us Busted
Evan Teitelbaum us Busted
Daniel Martin Jr Busted
Maxwell Greenwood Busted
Oleksii Kovalchuk ua Busted
Dimitar Danchev bg Busted
Erik Hellman Busted
Douglas Glasscock us Busted
Jonathan Driscoll Busted
Barry Schwartz Busted
Jamie Armstrong us Busted
Don Cornwell Busted
Andrea Vezzani Busted
Derek Wolters us Busted
Larry Lamberson Busted
Arthur Loring Busted
Clint Bryant Busted
Joey Weissman us Busted
Phillip Magana us Busted
Anton Morgenstern de Busted
Carlos J Benatuil Busted
Romain Bruet Busted
Jeff Hakim lb Busted
Jay Farber us Busted
Cherish Andrews us Busted
David Peters us Busted
Jackie Glazier au Busted
Keven Stammen us Busted
Paul Berende nl Busted
Loni Harwood us Busted
Bruno Kawauti br Busted
Brandon Meyers us Busted
Thomas Muehloecker at Busted
Matt Marafioti ca Busted
Ole Schemion de Busted
Refael Shaoulian Busted
Steve Levy Busted
Greg Ostrander us Updated
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Paul Varano us Updated
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Fred Soria Updated
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Martin Hanowski de Busted
David Tuthill us Busted
Jason Mercier us Busted
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin ca Busted
David Vamplew gb Busted
Niall Farrell gb Busted
Shannon Shorr us Busted
Naoya Kihara jp Busted
Sorel Mizzi ca Busted
Joe Ebanks us Busted
Liv Boeree gb Busted
Humberto Brenes cr Busted
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